For what seems to be the millionth time, has been rebuilt, repurposed, and redesigned. Originally a playground for web development and self-learning, it quickly became a personal blog which eventually transitioned to an extremely small technology blog. At its inception, the purpose of the technology blog was to document for others (and myself) small technology-related tips to make like easier, safer, or more enjoyable. For example, disabling an irritating popup when connecting your phone to your computer or enabling secure browsing for Gmail and Facebook. I quickly ran out of topics that truly interested me and the site stagnated.

A new design and a new purpose and is back. This time, I already have a dozen topics on the docket just waiting for free time and motivation (even this initial post took weeks of motivation). Though I have not made any final decisions, the plan is to have a multi-part series on my recently-built media server, a few posts about the RaspberryPi credit-card-sized computer, and any new technology I acquire in the future. For example, a recently purchased Logitech Harmony Smart Control universal remote control.

Unlike previous iterations of, I plan on keeping this one regularly updated. The posts may not be weekly (or even monthly) but my plan is to keep current about any new technology I encounter that I feel would be of interest to someone else. After I have run through my planned posts, I will rely on readers to help drive future topics. Any interesting, new technology that doesn't break the bank and is of interest to me will probably be discussed.

While I am not sure how exactly these posts will come together, I can assure you there will be 20 drafts before I'm happy with the final product. As a result (and as previously mentioned) posts won't be terribly frequent. My focus is on quality content rather than quantity. Part of that focus on quality will be to find a consistent writing style. It may take a post or two, but I'm hoping that style will emerge relatively quickly so I don't end up with many more posts as scattered as this one.

On that note, I will wrap up this opening post and begin organizing my thoughts for upcoming topics. As mentioned earlier, please share your topic ideas so that this blog stays updated and doesn't stagnate as it has so any times in the past.